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I'm primarily a wedding DJ. but am also available and comfortable performing as a DJ at company holiday parties, birthday parties and all manner of private and corporate events. I specialize in indie rock, new wave, classic hip hop, pop, and Motown, but have a great collection of danceable music from all genres. I have all the current pop, hip hop, and r&b hits, and will gladly play anything you request. If you're looking for a wedding DJ who can keep your guests dancing to popular songs, but still sneak in an indie track or two, and who will cater to your personal requests, I'm the wedding DJ for you.

I've been involved with music in many capacities throughout my life. Even my first paying job, at the age of 14, came when I was paid $50 to perform as a DJ. It was a natural fit for me, and I continued to DJ whenever I could. Initially I played house parties and school dances, quickly graduated to night clubs, and soon thereafter I became a wedding DJ and corporate party DJ.

I have a vast music library, and a fairly deep knowledge of many genres, and if appropriate I'll include some indie and alternative rock sounds into my mix, but I never force music on a crowd. If I sense a group is into more popular and accessible music, that's what I play. If they seem open to hearing some less mainstream tracks, I'll sneak some Britpop into the mix, or maybe a ska song, or some electro/rock hybrid track. I'm completely comfortable navigating from Sinatra and The Beatles into Pulp and Chromeo, while keeping things current with the hits of the day, all the while avoiding YMCA or the Macarena. I've developed a knack for keeping a party going without resorting to overplayed, cheesy music. The bottom line is that as a wedding DJ, my job is to keep people happy and dancing, and that's what I do.